Traffic Detectors

TDD1 Series
Doppler radar vehicle detector for detection of moving vehicles at temporary or permanent traffic lights

Highly accurate vehicle counter with radar-like speed assessment yet very low power consumption designed for solar powered application. Length-based classification into 3 vehicle classes

TDC3 Series
Gantry- or bridge-mounted vehicle classifier for challenging ITS applications. Delivers accurate speed and volume, supports wrong-way driver and queue detection

TDC3-2 Side Mount
Side-mounted version of TDC3-2 designed for vehicle counting and classification, wrong-way driver detection at entry and exit-ramps

TDC4 Series
Gantry- or bridge-mounted vehicle classifier for challenging ITS applications, includes snapshot camera for automatic picture taking of irregular traffic situations


Traffic Data Acquisition Solution


The BS2-TS is solar-powered IoT gateway that powers up to three TDC1-PIR traffic detectors and forwards each vehicle's data or averaged data to the cloud for access through web-browsers, downloadable into CSV files or via web-APIs to any third-party software. 



Parking Space Management

BS2-PS with POD

The POD is a battery-powered, disk-shaped self-calibrating sensor that is embedded within the pavement. Thanks to its small size, it is installed in minutes and transmits any occupancy changes for seven or more years. Thanks to multiple sensing technologies, calibration is not necessary!