Mounting Bracket

The TDC-MS is an accessory for the TDC3-2-F (side-mount) versions of the TDC3 detectors which are specifically designed for operation from the roadside, vs. overhead mounted detectors. The TDC-MS is a built from highly durable, V4A stainless steel that provides protection from the elements and permits proper alignment of the detector for optimal data quality.

Order No.: 14015


  • Built from highly durable V4A stainless steel (sheet metal 1.4571, 3 mm)
  • Properly-designed weather protection for TDC3-2-F models
  • Easy alignment with left-to-right and up-down angles of freedom
  • Includes TDC-PMA pole-mount adapter
  • Works equally for both left-side and right-side mounting situations


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