RS485 Interface Module

From cit-lean: The USB-IF485 converts signals between USB and RS 485.
The device has been specifically designed for 2-wire, half-duplex RS 485 bus systems. Preferred applications are in stationary, industrial environment. Scope of delivery includes DIN-rail mounting clip. Width is only 24 mm (< 2PE). There are no confusing terminal and configuration variations. As a result, establishing connection is easy and trouble-shooting is equally easy. Galvanic isolation protects the connected devices from voltage surges (such as lighting) and bridges ground potential differences. The small form factor and low power consumption of the USB-IF485 allow for mobile operation such as notebook computers.

Order No.: 12501


RS-485: 2-wire, half-duplex, up to 32 participants
Speed: up to 3 MBit/s
Bus length: up to 2000 m (@128 kBit/s)
Power consumption: 95 mA (drawn through the USB connector)
Galvanic isolation: up to 2500 V
Size: 24x41x56 (without screw terminal)