Privacy-protecting people counter released!

Eschenbach – July 16th, 2013: ADEC Technologies AG, a technology firm located in Eschenbach (SG) in Switzerland, announced today the release of its first product of a new line of people counting and tracking devices, the Observer One.

“We are extremely excited to finally introduce this product to the market. It took several years of development. During our development, the entire technology available to us changed dramatically. Incorporating these new technologies, we are now able to offer a privacy-preserving, highly accurate people counter to applications that, up until now, would require more expensive solutions or ones which were incompatible with common privacy protection regulation,” comments Andreas Hartmann, marketing manager at ADEC.

The product is the first of its kind. Instead of traditional cameras, the Observer One uses a structured light camera, invented by PrimeSense and brought into the mainstream by Microsoft via its Xbox gaming console. The device cannot acquire images even if the user wanted to, it’s inherently impossible to violate people’s privacy. Secondly, the device is powered via 802.3af Power-over-Ethernet, making it extremely easy to wire an installation. Devices can be located as far as 100 m (330 ft.) from the power injector or any 802.3af-compatible networking gear.

ADEC Technologies is a privately-held manufacturer of non-intrusive road and foot traffic detectors based in Switzerland. For more information please contact Andreas Hartmann at +41-55-214-2400 or via e-mail at