Slovenia Installs 68 TDC3 Around Ljubljana and A1

Q-Free in Slovenia installs 68 high-performance TDC3-8 (TLS 8+1) traffic detectors around Ljubljana and A1 highway towards costal region

Eschenbach, May 17, 2019:  ADEC Technologies’ TDC3 non-intrusive traffic detectors with TLS 8+1 vehicle classification are being installed at 30 locations in Slovenia. Jure Pirc, Project Manager at Q-Free in Slovenia, explains “The detectors are used mainly for traffic data acquisition for the level of service estimation as a part of the Traffic Management System on highways.  Based on measured speeds and calculated density the speed limits are regulated automatically (via VMSs) based on the algorithm developed internally here at Q-free Traffic Design. Wrong-way driver detection is used to issue an immediate alert to the traffic control center (in the first automatic phase the users are warned about the event via variable message signs; after the confirmation from the traffic control center operator, the road is closed via VMSs). 8+1 class data is also used for statistical purposes”.

Andreas Hartmann, Managing Director at ADEC Technologies adds that “in this project, the traffic data from the TDC3 detectors is used both for statistical as well as operational purposes. The project entails installations at 30 sites with 2-3 detectors at each site. Reliable traffic detection is the foundation of every traffic management system. Traffic Design, now Q-Free, has been a valued customer for many years, we appreciate their trust in our products.”

ADEC Technologies is a privately-held manufacturer of non-intrusive traffic detectors based in Switzerland. For more information please contact Andreas Hartmann at +41-55-214-2401 or via e-mail at

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