ASFiNAG procures 60 TDC3-8 vehicle detectors

Eschenbach, October 31, 2014ADEC Technologies delivers 60 of its top-of-the-line TDC3-8 vehicle classification detectors to ASFiNAG for installation at IGL sites. IGL refers to an Austrian law that codifies air pollution limits on highways. Each IGL measurement point comprises a gantry with detectors and a VMS indicating the current speed limit. The limit is reduced when the emissions – calculated from the actual air quality as well as from the speed and number of vehicles in each class – exceed a certain threshold. Conversely, the speed limits are raised when the opposite occurs.

TDC3-8 devices classify vehicles into 8+1 vehicle classes according to TLS. Classification accuracy meets or exceeds TLS A1 level for all but car with trailer (79.3%), trucks with trailer (A2) and busses (A2). Vehicle speed measurement is also well above the TLS-required accuracy levels, at 2.48 km/h (for vehicles with speeds = 100 km/h) and 2.11% respectively (for vehicles speeds > 100 km/h).

Markus Güntensperger, Product manager at ADEC Technologies adds that “Our engineers have done an outstanding job in bringing out this next version of the three-technology traffic detectors – It’s a significant step forward and we’re excited to be able to offer such superior detection quality”

The tests were commissioned by an independent ITS provider in Austria on an ASFiNAG testing site. The detailed test report will be published on ADEC Technologies’ website.

ADEC Technologies is a privately-held, owner-managed manufacturer of non-intrusive traffic detectors based in Switzerland. For more information please contact Andreas Hartmann at +41-55-214-2401 or via e-mail at
ASFiNAG is one of Europe’s leading motorway network operators, with a special focus on availability, traffic management, traffic information, road safety and technological innovation. It acts internationally and interlinks with public transport.

SWARCO iTravel System approved by Dutch NDW institute

Eschenbach, May 12th 2011: SWARCO iTravel traffic data acquisition system approved by the Dutch National Data Warehouse institute NDW.

Dutch Highway Authority Rijkswaterstaat is main participant within NDW. This approval is a major step for the innovative, solar-powered iTravel system that combines Bluetooth wireless technology, next generation PIR infrared traffic detectors and 3G wireless data transmission for accurate and reliable traffic data acquisition for the National Data Warehouse (NDW) operation. This project was won by the consortium Data4Traffic D4T participated by Van den Berg Infrastructuren B.V. – Swarco AG – VerkeersInformatieDienst B.V. and alone will encompass over 1000 measurement points.

“We are very pleased with the positive result of the tests and feel that the innovative and versatile iTravel system integrating our enhanced PIR detectors will find applications outside The Netherlands as well” comments Andreas Hartmann, Marketing Manager at ADEC Technologies.
Boris Ulrich, Head of Detection at Swarco confirms that “the cooperation with ADEC has been extremely productive, their specifically for Swarco enhanced TDC1-PIR detectors constitute a major step forward in low-power, high-accuracy traffic detection technology”.

ADEC Technologies is a privately-held manufacturer of non-intrusive traffic detectors based in Switzerland. For more information please contact Markus Güntensperger at +41-55-214-2400 or via e-mail at
Swarco Nederland B.V. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Swarco AG in The Netherlands and running the D4T project locally. For more information contact Freek van der Valk at +31-6-24755599 or via e-mail at