Siemens Mobility deploys 60 TDC2 Dual-Tech Detectors for Tram Detection in Tunis

ADEC Technologies introduced the dual-technology TDC2-PIRUS just in time for the Siemens Mobility deployment of 60 detectors in Tunis

Eschenbach, November 20th, 2020: Siemens Mobility has successfully upgraded a tram detection system in Tunis (Tunisia) which provides signals to motorists at intersecting roads when a tram is approaching. The new dual-technology TDC2-PIRUS traffic detector from ADEC Technologies, with its true presence capabilities and easily configurable time and distance criteria, was the perfect match to provide a seamless upgrade of the existing detection system. The TDC2 activates a contact output after an object remained inside the detection zone for a configurable period of time. The minimum and maximum distance of the detection zone from the TDC2 can also be adjusted to take into account the size of a target or other site-specific conditions.
Mr Nizar Dhouib, Head of Siemens Mobility Tunisia, explains: “The upgraded tram detection system provides Tunis with an intelligent traffic management solution that will enhance their ability to safely operate and maintain mobility across the City. . Throughout this process, we worked closely with ADEC Technologies to customize the TDC2-PIRUS perfectly to fit our needs, and their personnel assisted our technicians during the installation and approval process of the new system. We are currently working to deploy another set of detectors by the end of 2021.”
Andreas Hartmann, Managing Director at ADEC Technologies, emphasizes the good cooperation between Product Management at Siemens and the engineers at ADEC, delivering this new detector on time: “We were able to develop and deliver this new dual-tech traffic detector in relatively short time thanks to the great cooperation with Siemens Product Management in Munich.”

ADEC Technologies is a privately held manufacturer of non-intrusive traffic detectors based in Switzerland. For more information please contact Andreas Hartmann at +41-55-214-2401 or via e-mail at

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