The ADEC BS2 (Base Station 2) collects traffic data from ADEC TDC traffic detectors and transmits them to the Internet. The small, autonomous station is equipped with a GSM modem, a solar-panel and a battery to power both the GSM modem as well as up to three TDC1-PIR traffic detectors. Traffic data are accessed via DET-Soft thick-client on a Windows PC or any Internet Browser. 

The BS2 is the key link between ADEC TDC1-PIR traffic detectors and the data user. The BS2 forwards the traffic data collected from up to three connected traffic detectors of Type TDC1-PIR and forwards them to the Internet. 

ADEC built a cloud-based service that stores the traffic data, enables users to view the data in their web-browser or retrieve traffic data from the web using the DET-Soft windows software client (click here to go to the cloud portal).

The solution eliminates the need for users to obtain the traffic data from the detectors itself by implementing the TLS-type RS 485 serial protocol, instead, the traffic data is retrieved and stored in the cloud, accessible via Internet.

  • Collects & transmits traffic data

One, two or five-minute interval data

  • Wireless communication

Integrates Quad-Band GSM modem

  • RS 485 communication integrated

Works with all ADEC TDC traffic detectors that use serial RS 485 connectivity (the solar panel and battery capacity are designed for use with up to three TDC1-PIR traffic detectors)

  • Sends traffic data to remote database

Uses inexpensive and low-bandwith dataplan to transmit traffic data to ADEC cloud allowing simple browser access

  • End-To-End traffic data acquisition solution

From the detector to the browser – all components from one supplier

  • Wide operating temperature range

–20 to +60°C (–4 to +140ºF)

Optimal performance in all weather and climate conditions



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Typical applications include collection of traffic data for statistical purposes from both permanent and temporary installations where traffic data must be easily accessible, such as via web-browser. The small form-factor and low power consumption make the BS2-TS2 the ideal choice for installations that depend on alternative power and/or of temporary nature, when used together with the low-power TDC1-PIR traffic detectors.

  • Real-time traffic data from the road to the Internet
  • Traffic data accessible through standard web-interfaces or web-browser
  •  Traffic data for statistical purposes
  • Environmental databases
  • Temporary or permanent installations with regular or alternative power sources



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