ADEC Technologies enters into partnership in North America

Eschenbach, July 30th 2012: ADEC Technologies today announced it entered into a partnership with Transportation Equipment & Services, a North-Carolina based manufacturers’ representative specialized in traffic technology solutions for the Transportation Industry.

Andreas Hartmann, Marketing Manager at ADEC Technologies, states that “this partnership is essential to our growth strategy by making available with our road traffic detection products combined with the excellent customer care tradition of our partner”. Transportation Equipment and Services is adding to its line-up the TDC1-PIR detector, a key component for power-sipping traffic detection installations. “We had to apply some modifications to the device to achieve full compatibility with the traffic controllers commonly used in North America”, comments Andreas, “while customers here retrieve the data primarily using the serial interface, the typical interface in the States is a simple contact indicating the presence or absence of a vehicle”.

Mark Holland, Consultant at Transportation Equipment & Services, explains that “we believe the ADEC TDC1-PIR is perfectly suited for our intersection control applications for presence detection for single traffic lanes including left turning vehicles. We’re pleased to have been able to bring on board a high-caliber manufacturer like ADEC Technologies”.

ADEC Technologies is a privately-held manufacturer of non-intrusive traffic detectors based in Switzerland. For more information please contact Markus Güntensperger at +41-55-214-2400 or via e-mail at

Transportation Equipment & Services is a privately-held traffic technology distributor and technical support company based in Franklinton, North Carolina, U.S.A.