City of Tallinn (Estonia) Expands City-Wide Traffic Detection Using ADEC TDC3 Overhead Traffic Detectors

Signaal adds another 48 TDC3-5 overhead traffic detectors to its 200+ installation

Eschenbach, October 29, 2019:  In the third installment of customized TDC3 overhead traffic detectors from ADEC Technologies, AS Signaal TM has procured another 48 units, making it the single largest installation in any city with currently over 200 detectors. AS Signaal TM of Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, uses the detectors for its traffic management, specifically to distinguish articulated busses from other vehicle classes. ADEC has worked with AS Signaal TM in 2012 – just prior their first procurement – to implement vehicle classification specifically tailored to the city’s needs.

The data from the detectors is mainly used for planning Tallinn city road buildings and making traffic management decisions. The greatest value of the collected data, for engineers and traffic specialists, is the possibility to see trends, over several years, such as flows across city boundaries, activity of public transportation and traffic on bus lanes and nearby. The latest installation will be placed on the new major road in the city center, leading to the Tallinn harbor”, explains Mehis Pass, chairman at Signaal.

Andreas Hartmann, Managing Director at ADEC Technologies emphasizes that “we are extremely excited to have AS Signaal TM and the city of Tallinn expand their installed base for the third time now. It shows to us that we are on the right track by striving for product longevity and continuity, whilst continuously improving our algorithms and further increasing the detectors’ accuracy.”

ADEC Technologies AG is a globally leading manufacturer from Switzerland of innovative traffic and parking detectors. Architects, engineers, installers and system-integrators worldwide turn to ADEC when looking for reliable and proven technology for their traffic and parking management solutions. For more information please contact Andreas Hartmann at +41-55-214-2400 or via e-mail at

AS SIGNAAL TM, an enterprise that produces, installs and maintains traffic regulation equipment, was founded in 1973. Since 1998 it functions as a joint stock company. Since June 2004 all shares belong to Estonian private capital.